Most versatile drums!
These All Rounder Drums are light and easy to transport, suitable for all kinds of workshops, from high schools to team builders.

Available in light or dark finish. External carvings may vary.

Please Choose your colour preference at the checkout by adding Light Brown or Dark Brown into the comment section at checkout.


Wood: Mahogany

Skin: Goat Skin (lime washed)

Available Sizes:
Diameter, Height and Weight

30cm x 15cm ~0.5 Kg - Suitable for
40cm x 18cm ~ 1.5 Kg - Suitable for 4-8 Years old

40cm x 22cm ~ 2.5 Kg - Suitable for 8-10Years old

50cm x 22cm ~ 3 Kg - Suitable for 10-14 Years old

50cm x 24cm ~ 3.5 Kg - Suitable for 14+ Years old

60cm x 28cm ~ 5 Kg - Suitable for 15+ Years old

60cm x 30cm ~ 6 Kg - Suitable for 16+ Years old

All-Size Djembes