Main Features:

Most versatile drums
Available in all sizes

Suitable for all ages
Lightweight & easy to play and transport
Suitable for group workshops
Handmade in Indonesia & imported to Australia
Durable & well-tuned
Free additional tuning
​​​​​​​Free after-purchase customer support, maintenance & advice


Available in light or dark finish.
Choose your colour preference at the checkout by adding Light Brown or Dark Brown into the comment section at checkout.

Origin: Indonesia

Wood: Mahogany

Skin: Thin-Medium Thickness Goat Hide

Sizes & Weights:
Diameter, Height and Weight

30cm x 15cm ~0.5 Kg - Suitable for 1-3 Years old
40cm x 18cm ~ 1.5 Kg - Suitable for 3-7 Years old

40cm x 22cm ~ 2.5 Kg - Suitable for 7-9Years old

50cm x 22cm ~ 3 Kg - Suitable for 9-13 Years old

50cm x 24cm ~ 3.5 Kg - Suitable for 13+ Years old

60cm x 28cm ~ 5 Kg - Suitable for 14+ Years old

60cm x 30cm ~ 6 Kg - Suitable for 15+ Years old

All-Size Djembes - Handmade in Indonesia - Mahogany Wood

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