Main Features:

Authentic handmade African Djembe drum

Handcarved in Guinea & imported to Australia

Skinned with the best quality ropes & hides by our drum maker Simo here in Melbourne

Solid & authentic African hardwood

Top-quality and Professional

Best for experienced drummers

Medium to high pitch solo drum

Best for skills development

Durable & well-tuned

Free additional tuning

Free after-purchase customer support, maintenance & advice



Even though they are known as "bongos", the name "Djembe" comes from "anke Dje anke Be" which in the Malinke language means "Uniting People". In West Africa the Djembe is a big part of the spiritual and ritual life and used for story-telling to pass on historical, religious and cultural information to younger generations. It is also used in weddings, baptisms, circumcision, harvest and many other celebrations.


These beautiful and unique handmade drums require a lot of energy to come to life, so with the purchase of our drums, you are also buying a portion of the time, love and hard work that went into the creation of this piece of art. In addition to this, you are also supporting our passion for Africa, Rhythm and Culture and helping the communities that created these beautiful drums to keep their humble and hard-working people employed. We pay respect to every single person involved in this process and we hope that our community will also appreciate this type of art as much as we do.


More about the timber:

Lenké has exceptional sound characteristics and is very well suited for Djembe drum carving. It promotes clear sounds and a great differentiation. The bass, tone and slap sounds are balanced and distinctive. Lenké was the timber used to carve the very first drum ever and it has always been counted to be the most valuable African timber for Djembe making due to its hardness, density, elasticity, durability and resistance.



Origin: Guinea

Wood: Lenke, also known as Lingue

Skin: Medium Thickness Mali Goat Hide

Diameter: 34 cm - 13.25"

Height: 64 cm - 25"

Weight: 11 KG


About the sound:

This drum offers a crisp sound and great projection.

► Click here to hear the sound

13.25" Guinea Djembe - Lenke' Wood

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