Main Features:

Authentic handmade African basket

Made in Ghana & imported to Australia

Handwoven by a village of weavers in Bolgatanga out of elephant grass

Lightweight & fashionable 

Sturdy and Durable 

Free after-purchase customer support, maintenance & advice


Suitable for:

Grocery Shopping 


Beach & Picnic

Storing toys 

Home decor

Home & Shop display

Kitchen display for fruits and vegetables



To make these beautiful baskets the people from the villages go to harvest the grass, prepare the vegetable dyes to colour the straws, weave it into a magnificent piece of art and let the sun dry it into your shopping basket.

These beautiful and unique handmade baskets require a lot of energy to come to life, so with your purchase you are also buying a portion of the time, love and hard work that went into the creation of this piece of art. In addition to this, you are also helping us achieve our dream to support these communities long term and keeping their humble and hard-working people employed. We pay respect to every single person involved in this process and we hope that our community will also appreciate this type of art as much as we do.


Dimensions Oval Basket

Length 55cm

Width 35cm

Height 24cm (handles not included)


Dimensions Shopper Basket

Length 46cm

Width 23cm

Height 33cm (handles not included)

Natural Combo Pack