Does your drum need repair? 
We are here to help.

If you have a drum with popped skin, cracks, or simply doesn't sound good anymore,
we can refurb and give your drum a new look and sound! 

We repair Djembes, DunDuns, Bougarabous, Congas, Bongos Dragon boat drums,

Pow-wow drum, and many more!

Please email us to find out if we can repair your drum!
Djembe Repairs:

Cost of a standard repair.

Replacement of the skin only, keeping the existing rings and ropes.


24-29cm Diameter Drums - $110

30-37cm Diameter Drums - $130

38-41cm Diameter Drums - $150


Additional costs apply if your drum needs work done to the following:



Minor Cracks $10

Noticeable Cracks $20

Heavily Damaged $25

Out of Shape $25



Sanding Bearing Edge $15

Soft Wood Drum Full Sand $30

Hardwood Drum Full Sand $40

Oiling $10


Rubber Protection

Nailed-in rubber base $50

Floating rubber Base $60



Adjustment of Existing $15

New Rings $25



New Ropes $20

New Premium Ropes $30

Please note:
The cost of repair can vary a little depending on the drum.
Bigger or different than Djembe drums can also be repaired,
cost of repair to be estimated on inspection.
For all other drums, please email us to get a free quote.
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