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Rhythm Unites will bring the world to you through our

Music and Well-Being program!

We believe that diversity is a strength that should be celebrated and embraced. That's why we're dedicated to promoting multiculturalism in schools through music education. Our collection of instruments from all over the world, including Africa, India, and Indonesia, provides a fun and engaging way for children to learn about different countries. Join us in our mission to bridge gaps between children and foster a more inclusive society.

Our School Incursions

With instruments, clothes and knowledge from all over the world Rhythm Unites offers an exciting and engaging way for the students to learn about different cultures. In our multicultural society bridging the gap of understanding between the students in our schools has never been so important. 
Starting in Australia the students will listen to the sound of the didgeridoo and clapping sticks. We then move to Africa where the students will learn about the djembe and other African instruments, some selected students will try on the cultural dress and all students will have a turn at learning a traditional rhythm on their own djembe. A small trip to the Middle East, Indonesia and India will follow as the students learn about these country's traditional instruments and cultures. 

Students love learning about different cultures and have a greater appreciation of their peers and their differences following the session. This program assists children even from a very young age to grow an appreciation for cultures other than their own. They begin to understand through rhythm that all cultures enjoy similar things such as beautiful clothes, instruments, and music. 

Rhythm Unite's cultural education programs can be tailor-made to suit your school needs.

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