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Dundun is the name for a trio of West African drums that have been developed alongside the djembe in the Malinke' culture.


These drums are carved into a cylinder shape and then placed in the Sun until the wood is completely dry. 2 cowhides are then stretched with ropes onto both ends of the drum and tensioned until the desired tune has been achieved.


  • The Dundunba is the largest dunun and has the lowest pitch. "Ba" means "big" in the Malinké language, so "Dundunba" literally means "big dunun".
  • The Sangban is of medium size, with medium pitch.
  • The Kenkeni is the smallest dunun and has the highest pitch.


The set includes three different sized drums:


Diameter 41cm
Height 35cm



Diameter 35cm

Height 27cm


Diameter 27cm
Height 28cm

PS: The stands can be made to your preferred height. Dunduns can be played with the short stand for sitting or the tall stand for standing.

Please specify the height of your stand at checkout.

Dundun Set

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